Owner Guidelines

Given the abundance of natural fauna in Gulf Pines, the Wildlife Committee has published Guidelines for Living with Wildlife that are well worth becoming acquainted with.

The rest of this page contains a selection of rules pertaining to Frequently Asked Questions. It is not for use in any legal proceedings. Contact the Secretary of the Association for information if needed on Owner Guidelines for Gulf Pines.

Use. All homes and lots in Gulf Pines are to be used for single-family residence purposes only.

  1. Gulf Pine Home Owners Association fees are due annually before June 30th of each year.  Checks should be made out to Gulf Pines HOA, and be mailed with the appropriate ‘coupon’ to:   Gulf Pines,  C/O Truist Bank, P. O. Box 628207, Orlando, Florida 32862-8207. The ‘coupon’ contains critical reference info for matching your check with your account.
  2. Renting. No property can be rented to more than one family. Rentals must be for a period of at least four consecutive weeks. Occupancy is limited to the number of bedrooms times two plus two. Renters must be registered with the Property Manager.
  3. Parking. No automobiles or other vehicles may be parked overnight on any Gulf Pines roads. No trucks, pickups, equipment, trailers, motor homes, campers, boats, commercial vehicles, or the like may be parked on any lot unless such vehicles are hidden from view inside an enclosure or garage.
  4. Approval of Building Plans. Gulf Pines Deed Restrictions require that “no initial construction, or alteration to the exterior of any existing building . . . shall take place without the prior written approval of the Association” Board of Directors. This includes painting, but see Section 14 below.
  5. Control of Animals. Only dogs, cats, and other household pets are allowed. City code requires dogs to be leashed when outside, including on the beach. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pets; no animal waste is to be left on any property in Gulf Pines. Pets are not allowed in the swimming pool areas and certainly not in the pools.
  6. Speed Limit. The speed limit on Gulf Pines roads is 15 MPH.
  7. Noise and Light Pollution. Please avoid bright lights, loud music or wind chimes, noisy air conditioners, barking dogs, loud conversation, high-volume TV, and the like, as they all detract from the quality of life in Gulf Pines.
  8. Signs and Decorations. Commercial and other signs are prohibited. Decorations must be in keeping with the Vision Statement.
  9. Bicycles on the beach path. Bicycles are not allowed on the beach path. There is a parking rack at the Gulf Pines Drive end of the path.
  10. Clotheslines and Beach Towels. Outdoor clotheslines are prohibited, nor should visible porch railings be used for drying laundry, bathing suits, or beach towels.
  11. Waste. We are in zone 2. Under the current schedule, yard waste is collected on Monday; garbage and recycling are collected on Tuesday. Kitchen garbage should be placed at the curb in covered, animal-proof receptacles. If you leave before a pickup, ask someone to put out the garbage for you. Do not use plastic bags alone for garbage. Make sure garbage cans and recycling bins are put away after pickup.
  12. Maintenance. All properties shall be maintained in accordance with the Deed Restrictions and Guidelines. Property owners should arrange with someone to look after their property when they are absent. Driveways should be kept free of weeds, open areas should be cut regularly, and foliage should be pruned. Surfaces and structures should be kept painted and in good material condition.
  13. Tennis, Pools, and Clubhouse. Rules for use of these common elements are posted at each facility. Please observe those rules. The clubhouse may be reserved only by a Gulf Pines property owner, and the owner must be present when the clubhouse is used.
  14. Architectural and Building Requirements. The Association has the right to turn down or modify building and alteration plans on any grounds, including purely aesthetic ones. Colors for exterior siding and trim and for metal roofs must be chosen from approved color charts. White is not an approved color. Major alterations in landscaping also require Board approval. No house in Gulf Pines can be larger than 5,000 square feet.
  15. Alligators.  Do not approach or feed alligators. Use caution when walking (and walking animals) near water.
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