Architecture Forms & Guidelines

This page contains the forms and information you need to submit for an architectural review of certain changes to the exterior of your home. The first two items are the application form, in both Word and PDF formats. The next two items provide the full set of standards and guidelines, including approved materials and colors. The last item is the FAQ.

The Architectural Review Committee and the Board are reviewing and acting on most applications more frequently during the hurricane recovery period. We strongly urge residents to submit applications as soon as a detailed work plan has been determined with their contractor(s). Applications for many repairs, including roof replacement, can usually be acted on within a week. Action on applications for extensive construction may take longer.

Please send completed applications to Island Management, as the form instructs. You should also send a copy directly to Rick Fessel ([email protected]), who chairs the Architectural Review Committee. If you download and fill out the Word document, you can choose the File -> Export option to create a PDF of your completed form, which can be attached to an email. If you download and fill out the PDF version, you would need to scan it electronically (if you have a scanner or all-in-one device), then attach the scan to an email. In a pinch you could try to take a steady, well-lighted photo of the completed form with your phone, then attach that to an email, but please use that option only as a last resort since it may be difficult to read.

Remember that, in addition to Gulf Pines requirements, residents are responsible for complying with the Sanibel Building Code and obtaining all required permits. Many major repairs will require a permit. Useful City guidance on repairs for which no permit is needed can be found in the Hurricane Ian Recovery section of the website. We will continue to post relevant City guidance as it becomes available.

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